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Sattu is a product of Desi Chana (black gram), widely used in ancient India and modern India. The Ancient Lamas of Tibet, Lord Krishna’s bosom friend Sudama, and even the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan – have recommended and used Chana or Chana-based products. Chana-based food preparations have remained the favourite sustenance of every health-conscious person. Relative to its nutritional and energy-giving benefits, the cost of chana or its products is surprisingly affordable till date.


Sattu is the world’s oldest instant food. From the Himalayan mountains to the plains of Asia, Sattu can be readily consumed without any fuel, utensils, vegetables or cooking oils. No other product can beat it. Just mix Sattu with water to prepare an instant nourishing drink. Since Sattu is protein-rich and oil-free, physicians recommend it to all type of diabetes patients. Sattu helps to build muscle mass and keeps the body fit and healthy.4 spoonful of Chana Sattu mixed in a glass of water taken on empty stomach every morning after bowels keeps the digestive system healthy. Sattu helps in obesity, gastric problems, constipation, high blood pressure and many stomach ailments. Due to its nutritious qualities, Sattu has elevated itself from its earlier reputation as a common man’s diet to being loved by middle and upper classes of society as well. Sattu-based delicacies such as Sattu Parathas, Litti, Bati, Sattu Sharbats have become quite popular in clubs, gyms and 5-star hotels.

The name of Jalan is synonymous with more than half a century of expertise in manufacturing pure and healthy Chana products. Through rigorous research and development, Jalan has optimized the natural goodness of Chana and made its products easily available and affordable to the classes and masses of all the Eastern states of India. Jalan is committed to bring its highly nutritious products, especially Sattu, to the common people living in other parts of the nation.

In every village, town and metro city of India, roasted Chana (gram) is a popular food item. Jalan processes Farm Chana using special techniques and advanced machinery. Jalan Bombay Chana is a smooth, delicious and fat-free complete food.

Jalan Sattu is prepared from high quality protein-rich Indian gram, which undergoes cleaning, washing, sorting and filtering through modern automatic machines before roasting, grinding and packaging. 100 gm of Jalan Sattu has 397 calories.