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About Us

Jalan Group’s founder, renowned businessman Late Shankar Lal Jalan entered food-processing business in 1952. JALAN brand of products are marketed in different pack sizes to suit all classes of customers’ varied needs. For over six decades, Jalan products have remained synonymous with supreme quality, purity and deliciousness.

The Sattu and Besan processing units of Jalan Group are enabled with the latest equipment and technology, which ensure selection of protein-rich grams, processed under the most hygienic conditions, maintaining freshness of Sattu, Besan, Roasted Chana and offering only the best quality products to our consumers at the most affordable prices.

Late Shankarlal Jalan (1930-1997).

Our Mission:

Healthy Food - Healthy Soul - Healthy Nation . We aim to introduce the world to the wonders of wholesome Indian food. The enduring demand and goodwill of our popular products, especially among Indian mothers, has inspired us to market them in a range of consumer-friendly packages, delivering pure, healthy and nutritious food to all sections of society, especially providing children with their energy requirements.

Jalan Group is India’s best-loved Sattu brand, especially across Eastern India, Chhattisgarh and Uttar Pradesh.

Over its six-decade journey, Jalan Group has consistently modernized and expanded its operations by embracing latest technologies at every step. Since its inception, Jalan Group has never compromised with its ethical values and has marketed only the finest quality Sattu, Besan and Roasted Chana to grace your kitchen and table.

“Quality products”, “best pricing”, “end-point reach” and “best practices” remain the hallmarks of our Business Policy. We firmly believe that a loyal Business Partnership is only built upon a foundation of strong ethics and good Market Practices. Our loyal Sales Channel includes Distributors, Wholesalers, Retailers, Online Store, Modern Trade Outlets and Cycle Vendors for home delivery in remote areas generating employment for the underprivileged sections of society. We look forward to earn your valuable support, comments and suggestions to provide the best of Sattu, Besan and Bhunja Chana (Roasted Gram).


It is our commitment that quality in food products can be achieved only when ethical norms are strictly observed right from procurement of raw materials to the final packaging of our products. We source protein-rich raw grams from our reliable suppliers. At every stage of the manufacturing process, we maintain hygiene and cleanliness protocol of the highest standard, which is strictly followed by all associates and members of Jalan Sattu-Besan family.

Using the highest degree of purification, accurate processing and high-class packaging, the quality of Jalan food products are elevated to highest standards. World-class packaging keeps the freshness of Jalan products alive for months.

We have in-house testing lab and our products are periodically checked at trusted and certified external labs for food quality and packaging quality. From roasting to packaging, we ensure each Jalan product preserves its food quality. We use food-grade packaging, which has passed the Government’s food quality standards.


Jalan uses the latest automated machinery at its processing units to maintain the finest production quality. Our dedicated and efficient Jalan Sattu-Besan staff members are part of our family and work with advanced machinery to achieve the zenith of excellence for the Organization. With the aim of decentralizing production and implementing better logistics, we have also established units at Varanasi (Uttar Pradesh), Hazaribagh (Jharkhand) and soon to start in several other states.

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